Tandoori Chicken with Veggie Curry in a jar

Its Tuesday which can only mean one thing RUBY TUESDAYS! – RUBY —RUBY MURRAY—- CURRY…

Curry in a jar. Its never something that excites me, the flavour is never quite right but my curry I enjoy making is a lengthy thing and sometimes a jar is a better alternative.

I love the Aldi’s jars, as they come with a special compartment with curry spice in to add to your cooking before adding the sauce and I decided to give it ago.

Because I’m that little bit extra, I enjoy marinating my meat for a curry in my homemade tandoori marinade which uses a mix of spices of garam Masala, curry powder, Cayan pepper, turmeric and Greek yoghurt. Which I grill the cut chicken after marinating in the sauces for a few hours to then add to the sauce. Just to give it that extra flavour and slightly crispy texture.

Well, I wanted to do that tonight, but as I have pre-bought loads of boned chicken thighs I wanted to experiment a little by cooking this tandoori chicken separately and making a potato and pepper curry from the jar sauce.

The problem with potato curries is it can go two ways, undercooked potato where biting into a raw potato just isn’t fun and can ruin your curry time. The other way is overcooked potatoes and no one wants a mash potato curry.

The ideal scenario is letting them cook in your homemade curry sauce adding them in at just the right time, however as I’m using a jar, the 5 minute cooking time won’t be long enough for the spuds.

What I have done is par-boiled the potatoes just so they are soft enough and let them cool down while the tandoori chicken is in the oven. (The tandoori chicken will need about 30 mins in the oven)

While the potatoes are cooling, and the chicken is cooking. It’s a good time to wash up all the mess I’ve made!!

Wait 20 minutes of chicken cooking time, then prep any extra veggies. I’m using onion and pepper.

Then heat up a large pan with a glug of oil.

Once hot add the now cooled potatoes- cooling the potatoes means they shouldn’t disintegrate when added to the hot pan and allows them to keep their shape.

Sprinkle some of the spice from the jar on top- or use a medley of your own spices. I tend to grab whatever curry spices I fancy in that moment and allow the spuds to brown.

Then add the peppers and onions letting them cook till they are soft.

Overall the jar sauce was okay… would have been better with my own curry sauce in my opinion.


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