The Power of Colour

Ever since visiting Anne Franks house I’ve had the devastation and disgust about the Holocaust on my mind (post about Amsterdam will follow within the next week).

Today, I saw an interesting tweet where a Brazillian artist ‘Marina Amaral’ colourised a registration image of a young girl ‘Czesława Kwoka’ from a concentration camp. (The threaded tweet can be found here)
Above is the colourised image.
Powerful right? The added colour just makes the image feel so much more real, bringing this girl back to life.

I wanted to see how easy it was to create colour from black and white images using my simple photoshop skills.

The first image I tried was of this woman ‘Julie Brammerova’, to achieve this I changed the mode of the image to ‘CMYK’ colour and created multiple layers of; cyan based image, Magenta based image and Yellow based image. Then using the history paintbrush, I blended the layers together.
This didn’t exactly give the same powerful effect and reminded me of the early colour in Film with painting on the raw film.

I had another try, and the second time went pleasantly well. I chose in this photo not to colorize the soldiers as a personal choice (perhaps the moment of madeness… I haven’t decided)
But I found the skin tones worked a lot better.

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Here’s a slideshow to end the collection of images I created.
3 of the photos are from the holocaust the 4th image is a homicide photograph from the New York Times.
Not the skills of the talented artist but I’m only an artist in my heart not in my mind (yet).
Work will always need improving.

Kiki x

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