Food of the DAM

On the 7th of May, I went on a trip to Amsterdam with a couple of my good pals.
We had a lovely long weekend, experienced a lot of the culture including Anne Franks House, Van Gough Gallery, Modern Art Gallery, Sex Museum and more…
Everyone I met there was amicable and welcoming.
But this post is mainly about the food in this beautiful city.

Street Kebab

The first night we got there quite late, so we went out for a bit and explored, and grabbed a bite to eat from one of the few places open at this time.29511841_10214495157865538_6756246517647756346_n

Here I got an Adana Kebab from a Kebab shop that was open, obviously not the best Dutch food to kickstart the weekend. But, it was a delicious Kebab. Nothing special but substantial for what it was and at the time. I’d rate it 2 Popcorn Bags.
The Happy Pig

For lunch, a couple of times (well…most of the time) we-we went to The Happy Pig and Oh my, the best pancakes I have ever had. It was also good as one friend with us needs Gluten and Dairy Free options which this provides. The first day I had the stroganoff pancake, which was a special at the time with added cheese.

29497135_10214495159145570_8787904307333749765_nIt was divine; the staff were also lovely here and helpful in deciding what you want.
The place was small, and when we returned another time in the week, we struggled to get a seat. The second time I went I was going to get a cheese and banana pancake as I thought I may have invented the best thing ever. But, my friends talked me out of it, and I played it safe with cheese and bacon. The rest of the bunch all opted for sweet things, but I’m sweet enough, so I didn’t need to.
I’d give this place 4 Popcorn bags; it was the best place the only let down was how small the estabilishment was.
4 stars.png

FIBO was a place that blew my mind. A fast food croquette place? Umm yes, please!
My friend had spoken about it a lot, so I had high expectations and wasn’t sure what to expect. We went to a couple of different ones within the City, and it’s a fast food place with vending machine type draws containing croquettes that you pay at the doors of which one you want. 29547053_10214495266348250_908191034_n
Not being able to read Dutch it was a bit of a guessing game with what I was getting, but the endless amount I had there was only one I wasn’t a huge fan of. They came in a range of flavours, some creamy with cheese and meat fillings, some with Morrocan spices. As well as they serve Chicken, chips and burgers. One member of our group was in love with burgers and apparently :

“the best burger (he) has ever had!”

You could also go to the till to order anything specific you want, as I was enjoying the guessing game and trying what I liked the look of I found this more fun.
It was also an excellent way of getting rid of coins on our last day. The staff seemed friendly, but we didn’t speak to them.
I’d also give FIBO 4 Popcorn Bags, as it always hit the spot and is an ingenious idea.
4 stars
GOUDSCHE STROOPWAFEL’S/ Original Stroopwafels

At de Albert cypmarkt you can find the infamous Stroopwafels! I was excited about trying these and due to a power cut in the area on the day we originally planned to get them it was a bit delayed at trying them
29547186_10214495168145795_195833772_nThe options to pick for your stroopwafel consists of the famous caramel sauce or chocolate. As well as the SuperStrooper! Which was a mahoosive waffle with the caramel syrup inside, the description for the claimed “Only for real men and crazy women”. I’m not a man but a crazy woman, so I had to get it.
I don’t like sweet food, why did I get a giant slab of sugar that made me feel instantly sick?
I don’t know, the guy serving was friendly and lovely and everyone else enjoyed theirs, but personally, it just wasn’t for me. So, it gets 3 Popcorn Bags; I know they are pleasing to the right people. Maybe I’m not crazy enough?
3 Stars

There were many more places we went to, including questionable full English from a cafe near the Sex Museum. But why did I get an English Breakfast in Holland, when there are better options? I don’t know, but I needed it then.
Also, I had a lot of pastries from mini patisseries, which were all exceptional!
Wouldn’t say I had the top food tour, so a holiday back needs to happen soon to experience the Food of the Dam truly!
But I had a lovely time and would recommend this city to anyone!
Kiki xx

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