RESTAURANT REVIEW: Pompoko, Brighton

Went on a trip to Brighton to visit a friend, and we went to Pompoko for a bite to eat. After travelling a couple of hours, I was ready to eat a horse.
My friend recommended this place, and I was standing on the outside looking over, and I was particularly sure what to expect. The outside looks very run down and not the most charming building.
When you enter expectations remain the same, the chairs are very much on top of each other and it feels very cramped.
We were told we could sit upstairs, so we head up to sit at the table and look over the menu.

I liked the menu; there were two pages. 1 page was filled with photographs of the food, and the other page was loaded with the menu itself with a very brief description of each dish.
I was instantly stuck on what I wanted and opted for the Tori Chilli Don, with sides of gyozas and tempura prawns that I shared with my friend.

You order at the till and they give you a number which they will call when bringing your dish, straightforward system but it worked efficiently.

The food came relatively quickly (not too quick to be worrying) but fast enough for a hangry Kiki.

The Tori Chilli Don was crispy battered chicken with rice and some garnish. Personally, I was hoping it to be spicier but it was still lovely!
The Gyoza’s were nice, nothing special but perfect.
The Tempura Prawns were okay; I wouldn’t rave about them and probably would go for something else next time.

Overall, the service was lovely super friendly staff and was efficient and very attentive, and value for money was also incredible!
Two mains two sides and two drinks for under £20


I’d give Pompoko 4 Popcorn Bags! Would go again for sure, it’s a real Brighton hidden gem.
4 stars

Kiki xxx

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