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Hello Fresh is one of the

Note: This isn’t sponsored by HelloFresh, I paid it with my own money and want to share an honest opinion towards this.
The 3 meal’s add up to £39 to feed 2 people.
Also apologies for the low quality images! It was dark and night time 🙂

Meal 1: Glazed Apple Confit Duck with Parsnip Chips and Garlic Spinach


Starting the week we had the Confit Duck with glazed apples, I was a tad nervous that I’d be missing potatoes with this dish so I made some as extra with the parsnips and it was a bad mistake, and it was a bit of an overkill.
When cooking, I found this one the most challenging with following the recipe, there was a lot of bits happening at once, and I would have liked the parsnips to be done longer.
I made the mistake of not putting the duck skin side up, found it hard to tell over the fat and realised halfway through. So the skin wasn’t as lovely as I’d have hoped.
This dish was my boyfriends favourite out of the 3; he is a duck lover.
I’d give it 4 Popcorn Bags!
4 stars
-1 due to some of the instructions felt a bit complicated. But was a delicious dish, the glazed apples were lovely!

Meal 2: Red Thai Prawn Curry


The second meal we had was a Red Thai Prawn Curry; this one was my personal favourite as I love a Red Curry and I usually have my way of making it, so was nice following a recipe for a change. I don’t typically have carrots in my red curry, but I loved the carrot addition (I love carrots!) This one was super simple, I had some problems with the lemongrass, but that was more me being dumb. And I usually mess up rice, it’s my hate with cooking, but this rice turned out lovely and enjoyed the aniseed taste from boiling with star anise.
I’d give this meal 5 Popcorn bags, it was amazing perfect heat and will make again for this recipe. (Also really nice fresh prawns)

Meal 3: Pork and Apple Burgers with Rosemary Wedges

30120728_10214598568490739_950055271_nThis dish was super simple and by far the easiest out of all of them, and wasn’t surprised by that. The burgers were made with grated apple and pork mince with added a subtle sweetness to the pork. I don’t usually cook burgers which made a nice change. It was a tasty dish but probably the least exciting.
Saying that; I did love the apple and sage jelly that you apply to the brioche buns. It was an excellent wholesome grub.
Giving it 3 Popcorn bags didn’t have the wow factor! And regret not picking something more exciting.
3 Stars

I enjoy Hello Fresh boxes as I enjoy cooking and don’t regularly follow recipes, so its refreshing to be told what to do, and they are relatively easy to follow usually.
I wouldn’t buy a box regularly as a student, it doesn’t save much money and can cook my meals for the week for cheaper. But special occasions yeah why not!
If you like cooking with fresh food and ingredients, I’d say go for it.

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