About Kiki

Heyhey welcome to my about page!

I made this blog on a lovely summer’s day as I wanted a space to share both my loves food and film THE DOUBLE F.

I then was like hmm how can you link food and film Kiki?! Stick to one. Then I thought of mr.michelin! He represents tires and food. Surely film’s are a bit more exciting than tires so here I am!
(However, it is mainly food as that’s a bigger hobby of mine) and failing to contain anything about Films!

The name popcorncrumbs goes back to my early memories of cinema, and a phrase that links both of my loves. I loved the cinema as a kid, it meant I didn’t have to speak to anyone and could go into the world of film. I used to get sweet popcorn and I always loved the hard sweet popcorn that was coated with sugar.

Well, those pieces I used to save. And not just to the side..

I’d put them on the cinema seat, so when my popcorn was finished I would have the satisfaction of still having the best bits of popcorn on my seat afterwards. Nice crispy popcorn with extra cinema seat fluff.

And that’s the story of popcorn crumbs.
The page will be filled with my rambles of life and a lot about film and food, so take a seat and join the journey of Kiki.